About Us

Welcome to Harmonia Concerts


Harmonia Concerts is an international organisation dedicated to concert management and the representation of a carefully selected group of classical musicians and ensembles. At the centre of all of our activity is our profound devotion to Music, our commitment to its worldwide dissemination and our sincere belief in the importance of safeguarding the pure message of the great composers.

Our team gathers musicians, scholars of music philosophy, educators and concert organisers with decades of experience, who hail from disparate parts of the globe.

The very nature and sensitivity of the artists that are included on our roster, who received their musical educations under the tutelage of some of the most esteemed teachers in the world, make Harmonia Concerts a kaleidoscope of intercultural projects, which we are now bringing to the attention of the international community.

The hallmark of Harmonia Concerts is the excellence of the exceptionally talented soloists and chamber musicians, who have each had years of success both in concert and as recording artists of international importance.

Our ethos is to be a complete artistic promoter, beyond a concert agency – an organism in the name of Culture.

It is from this foundation that Harmonia Concerts promotes its own activities and invites you to listen to and find out more about our artists, in order to work together on joint projects in your country and to share experiences that exalt the meaning of Music.